Why AMP can dramatically imporve your ecommerce bottom line.

A mobile strategy for a mobile world

It's certainly no secret that we live in an internet world dominated by smartphones. Few statistics are enough to understand this domination:

Those statistics are clear indicators that,if you value mobile traffic, you need to have a clear strategy for it. Just making your website mobile-responsive is not enough to consider it mobile-optimized.

Why is speed critical for getting results?

One of the most significant factors to consider a website mobile-optimized is page speed because it directly influences user experience and also SEO ranking. Google has said time and again that a fast site will rank better in searches. In July 2018, Google rolled out the so-called Speed Update,making site speed a ranking factor for mobile searches Speed Update means that you need to have a fast website if you want to rank at the top.

Many pieces of research also show how speed affects user experience. Here are some eye-opening statistics:

Having an e-commerce platform that takes ages to load won’t help your bottom line, and it will make you lose a lot of money.

Can AMP help my eCommerce sales?

Speed is so crucial that Google announced the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project in October 2015, a technology that puts the speed at its core.

AMP is HTML with dedicated tags and some restrictions on CSS and Javascript geared towards delivering high performance to the end-users. Google and the AMP Project published many stories of US retailers who successfully implemented AMP, driving impressive bottom-line results:

So, yes. AMP can help your eCommerce bottom line a LOT, especially if your site is not very well-optimized for mobile.

The advantage for early adopters

As the adoption of AMP of eCommerce grows, the SEO benefits will diminish. Today, there’s an early adopters’ advantage to rolling out an AMP-powered eCommerce because competition lags. But shortly, the benefit won’t be so substantial because adoption will dramatically increase. Choosing to deliver AMPs will soon become a decision about competing on a level playing field versus gaining an advantage.

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